Happy Movember!

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Yep, it’s November 1st and you know what that means………women everywhere will be consoling each other because their men are growing tons of facial hair for the cause!


We have our own Movemberite here in the Gagen Girls household.    Mr. Anderson states that his goal in participating in Movember is: TO HELP CHANGE THE FACE OF MEN’S HEALTH! HAVE EVERYONE EMBRACE THEIR OWN IMAGE! MAKE A DIFFERENCE! He currently looks like a 12 year old so our goal is for him to grow that facial hair and stop being carded at the liquor store. 

So how about it?  Will you help us reach our goal?  I mean, c’mon on – anyone who would purposely make themselves look like a 12 year old just to raise money for men’s health deserves our support, don’t you think? (Pssst, it’s his first year taking part in Movember – let’s make it a successful one!).  If you’d like to donate to the “Please make Mr. Anderson look like a grownup again” fund, just click here. No amount is too small and every bit helps! Of course all money raised goes to help support men’s health programs such as those for prostate and testicular cancer.  The Canadian Movember campaign raised $42.6 million in 2012 thanks to the support of people just like YOU!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Movember!

  1. Goodness, my husband and my son do this every year. I just hate it, I won’t let my husband kiss me, it scratches!

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