No Ugly Ornaments: Metal Washer Snowman

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This post is part of the No Ugly Ornament Series hosted by My Very Educated Mother.

My daughter Samantha really loves snowmen decorations and in recent years, I’ve started collecting them to give to her for Christmas and Advent gifts.  This year I wanted to give her some handmade ones and I started out with this metal washer snowman.  I’m kind of obsessed with circles for some reason – I’ve realized that I own not less than 8 pendants that are various patterns of circles.  Recently, while going through my stashes of supplies in my art studio, I dumped a container on the table and out spilled some metal washers.  Three of them in varying sizes landed close to each other and I immediately thought “snowman” and this ornament idea was born.

Materials needed:  3 metal washers, each in a different size; glitter, white glue or Mod Podge, wire, something for the hat (one of those wooden “candle cups” painted black or a bead or form one out of wire), something for the scarf (felt, fabric, or even red wire), thread or cord to use as the hanger (unless you want to use wire for it).  I also recommend working on a piece of waxed paper or a non-stick craft mat as this will help with the glue clean-up and give you a way of getting all that excess glitter back into the bottle easily.  A pair of pliers can be really helpful in working with the wire.  Note: you may also want some clear spray fixative to keep the glitter in place.


Instructions:  Spread glue on each of the washers.  Cover with glitter.  Shake and tap away the excess glitter.  Let dry.  Once dry, wire the three washers together.  I attached wire to the very top of the snowman, running it up through the “hat” and formed that into a hanger.  Add the scarf and you’re done!  Quick, easy, and adorable!

 photo NUO2013_zps3547e5dd.png

Thanks to Erin of My Very Educated Mother for including me in her No Ugly Ornaments series.  If you’d like to see more of the ornaments in the series (let me tell you, they are AWESOME!), just click on the image above.

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4 thoughts on “No Ugly Ornaments: Metal Washer Snowman

  1. Well dang these are just too cute. I think I might even have everything here to make one. Thanks for positng, I love upcycled crafts and crafts made from “unlikely” items…Keep them coming Gagen Girls.

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