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Amazing Announcement!

Hello everyone! You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet on the blog lately. We posted some great Valentine’s Day ideas and then…nothing. “It’s been a month since Valentine’s Day, ladies,” you may be thinking. Yes, okay, valid point, but there’s a…

This Overnight Slow Roast Turkey is part of the #12DaysOf Thanksgiving at GagenGirls.com

Overnight Slow Roast Turkey {12 Days of Thanksgiving}

Day 7 of the #12DaysOf Thanksgiving Today we feature the main event of most Thanksgiving dinners, the turkey. Cooking a turkey can be an intimidating thing. You need to count the hours, time it right and baste it regularly. Well, Chelsea over at Me And…

Thanksgiving Menu Planning: Stress-Free Holidays for Beginners @ GagenGirls.com