Candy Corn Trifle: A Quick And Easy Halloween Dessert Recipe

Candy Corn Trifle

Today Mary from Just Plum Crazy is sharing a simple yet fun dessert that her family loves, a Candy Corn Trifle recipe.

Candy corn gets a lot of flack. But I don’t mind proudly saying I love candy corn!

I love candy corn so much that when we lived in England, I had Mom mail me some because I just needed that touch from home! (Thanks, Mom!)

In fact, this recipe combines a lot of ingredients I love. Plus, it’s so easy to make, which is always a win for this busy mom.

Candy Corn Trifle Recipe

This sweet and spooky Candy Corn Trifle is Day 8 of the #12DaysOf Hallowe'en Crafts and Recipes @

Honestly, this is one of the easiest recipes you’ll ever encounter. Throw together a cake mix, bake, assemble – that’s basically it!

If you’re a candy corn lover like me, you probably already have a bunch of that, so it’s just a few more items from the grocery store and a couple things you likely already have on hand.

I also like the suggestions Mary gives for ways to customize the trifle! I can’t wait to try it with some chocolate pudding added – yum!

This recipe is perfect for Halloween parties or just for a fun Halloween dinner with the family.

Now that my eldest is getting a bit older, I’m even going to involve him in the assembly. (That is, if he doesn’t eat all the ingredients before they make it in the bowl.)

This candy corn trifle would pair well with some Graveyard Pudding Cups and our Popcorn Witch Hands!

Head over and get the recipe.

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