Fruity Fluffernutter Sandwich {#12DaysOf School Lunches}

11218078_996105390410438_1526938795425455041_n Welcome back to day eleven of our #12Daysof School Lunches series!  Today’s post is a simple creation that has BIG rewards — a Fruity Fluffernutter Sandwich!   The recipe was a collaborative creation by the owner of Mom Does Reviews, her senior staff writer, Victoria, and Victoria’s daughter.

Most of Victoria’s kids are not major sandwich eaters, so when Pam requested a great school lunch sandwich post, she scrambled to come up with something kids would like.  Victoria asked her daughter what sandwich to make and Jasmine said “Fluffernutter!  That’s what kids like!”

The conversation continued. Pamela suggested adding kiwi, Victoria said you can’t have Kiwi without strawberries, and the rest is… another blog post!  Grab this recipe form Mom Does Reviews HERE.



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