How to Make a Halloween Cookie Cake: No More Leftover Candy!

This Halloween Cookie Cake is a great way to use up leftover Halloween candy. Check out the rest of the #12DaysOf Halloween @ for more crafts and recipes.

I remember every year I’d go out trick-or-treating and then come home and immediately sort out my hoard into piles. They’d get ranked “good,” “okay,” “trash”, etc. This Halloween cookie cake recipe changes all that!

Even as an adult, when I could buy my own Halloween treats, quite often I’d end up with chocolate and candies I didn’t really want. You know how it goes – the only way you can get a supply of your favourite mini chocolate bars is to get it in the multi-pack.

Inevitably there was waste.

Sure, you can trade your unwanted stash with friends and family (or include it in your bribery…I mean, rewards drawer at school for your students). But why not just make this delicious cookie cake instead?

Halloween Cookie Cake: A Great Way to Use Up Leftover Candy!

I’m not going to lie – when I first heard of this recipe, I genuinely thought, “who has leftovers after Halloween?!”

But when I sat back and thought about it, I remembered finding my Halloween stash still hiding in a cupboard come Easter.

What a waste – letting it sit around just to go stale and eventually get thrown out!

I was so happy when Janell at shared this recipe with me. Now there’s no more waste AND I get a delicious Halloween cookie cake out of the bargain.

As a nice bonus, the cookie cake is SO easy to make and can accommodate a wide variety of ingredients – store bought or homemade!

Any kind of candy you have available can be used. Isn’t that great?

Go and grab this quick and easy recipe now, and get ready for a delicious treat even after Halloween has come and gone!

If you’re looking for another way of using up Halloween candy, specifically candy corn, you’ll want to also check out this great Candy Corn Trifle.

Happy Halloween!

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