Halloween Mummy Cans {12 Days of Hallowe’en}

Day 9 of the 12 Days of Halloween Recipes and Crafts

Welcome back to another day in our 12 Days of Halloween Ideas. Getting ready for Halloween doesn’t mean that you only have to focus on the sweet treats. You also need to make sure you have the perfect decorations to make your house ready for Halloween shenanigans.

These Halloween Mummy Cans are Day 9 of the #12DaysOf Halloween Crafts and Recipes @ GagenGirls.com

Halloween Mummy Cans

Today, Gwendolyn at Finding Sanity In Our Crazy Life, has a simple and fun craft that is the perfect way to mummify your decor. These Halloween Mummy Cans are multi-functional and can be even sent home with your guests holding candy or other goodies. You can also use them for so much more. Let your imagination run wild and you will soon have a legion of mummies in your home.

Get the instructions for these adorable Halloween Mummy Cans.

Check out the #12DaysOf Halloween Recipes at Crafts @ GagenGirls.com

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