Maple Bacon Cookie Butter Popcorn Balls

Valentine’s Day is all about love, right? Well, in our home, there’s nothing that says love more than maple syrup, bacon, and cookie butter! Okay, okay, a slight exaggeration but they sure are yummy, aren’t they? Even yummier when you put them all together! That’s how Mom came up with this delicious Maple Bacon Cookie Butter Popcorn Ball recipe.

Maple Bacon Cookie Butter Popcorn Balls - part of the #12DaysOf Valentine's Day

It’s a quick and easy recipe that is easily adapted to various holidays and occasions – or to your family’s preferences. These popcorn balls make a fun treat for a party or something a little bit different for a bake sale too. Serve them on a stick for (slightly) less mess!

#12DaysOf Valentine's Day

We’ve partnered up with some of our favourite bloggers to bring you 12 days of Valentine’s Day recipes and ideas. Be sure to check out the others in this series in the linky below.

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