Mummy Brownie Sticks: A Halloween Monster Recipe

Mummy Brownie Sticks

Hosting a Halloween party? Creating a Halloween-themed dinner for your family? Looking for a great Halloween school lunch idea? These mummy brownie sticks are for you!

Normally mummies are on the list of my very genuine fears (you won’t catch me willingly going to any pyramids, that’s for sure!). But these brownies are just too adorable to pass up.

Not only are they so stinkin’ cute, they won’t break your budget – just 25 cents per serving!

This great recipe is from Mom Does Reviews. We love how fun (and frugal) these adorable brownies are!

Mummy Brownie Sticks Recipe

Easy Mummy Brownie Sticks for Halloween, part of the #12DaysOf Hallowe'en @

All you need is one box of brownie mix for thirty mummies! Wow!

This recipe is actually way easier than you think it would be. I’m always intimidated by desserts that require a lot of decoration, but these are so easy to whip together.

Honestly, it even makes me want to whip out the piping bag, which is usually almost as scary as a mummy for me!

When the boys are a little older, I’m going to get them involved in this recipe. We can do the Monster Mash while we wait for the brownies to cool!

Hurry over to see how these deliciously spooky brownie sticks are made!

If you’re putting together a party, these mummies would go great with our Popcorn Witch Hands and Graveyard Pudding Cups!

What else are you serving for Halloween this year? Drop us your recipe links in the comments!

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