Easing the Stress of Exams for our Kids in College


Around this time of year, many university students are writing their exams at the end of the fall term or handing in final papers, making it a stress-filled time. I know when my daughter was away at university, one of the ways that I could let her know I was thinking about her at that time was by sending her an exam survival care package. At her university, there were premade packages that you could order from the university but sending ones with personal touches from home are extra special too.

7 thoughts on “Easing the Stress of Exams for our Kids in College

  1. This is a great list! As someone who just went through exams not long ago, everything is spot-on. I definitely got sent hot cocoa and pastas/ramen and they were perfect and quick. School supplies are ALWAYS great!

  2. I love the idea of a care package for my nephew during his first ever round of college exams. Thanks for the inspiration!

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