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Health Advice

Please be aware that, unless we get a guest contributor and it’s explicitly stated otherwise, no one associated with this blog is any form of health care professional. We are not doctors, midwives, nutritionists, etc.

We do a lot of reading and have also experienced many (if not all) of the things we’re writing about. That’s where our stories and advice come from. We are not, however, experts in any health-related field.

What does this mean? Our blog and its contents – including any opinions expressed by us or our guest contributors – should not be used as actual medical advice. We are not necessarily role models. We are not saying that you should copy any of the decisions we made or the actions we took. Things that worked for us may not necessarily work for anyone else, nor may they be healthy options for everyone.

If anything on we say resonates with you, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE speak to a medical professional (with a degree and actual qualifications and experience in the field) before doing anything.

Also, if anything we say at any point is wrong (not, like, morally or just a difference of opinion, but actually factually incorrect), please comment on that post, send us an email or reach out via social media to let us know. Again, everything we say is based on our own research and experience, and again, we are not medical professionals, so we could easily be wrong. We will happily edit and correct if necessary.