How to Make Pumpkin Puree in 3 Easy Steps

How to Make Pumpkin Puree in 3 Easy Steps

We are firmly into fall and the internet has been going nuts over pumpkin spice for well over a month now. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to depend on canned pumpkin – making your own pumpkin puree is super easy!

Protecting My Dog from Coyotes

These long (dark) fall-leading-into-winter days have me a bit stressed. Oh, it’s not the lack of light per se. I’ve grown up in Canada and am used to it. It’s having to let my dog outside when it’s dark out that has me anxious. During…

10 Tips for When Your Dog Has Surgery

Back in January, we had a big scare around here. It started off as “the dog’s toe nail looks funny – she must have banged it on something” to “She has an infection in it that we need to clear up before doing surgery to…

Pet Poison Emergencies

We had a scare with our dog tonight. I walked into the kitchen and saw shreds of pink and white paper and foil lying on the floor.  I could tell that it was the remnants of a pack of chewing gum and the only reason…

4 Winter Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Just as winter can present new safety challenges for us, it can create similar issues for our beloved family dogs.  Here are 4 winter safety tips to consider as a dog owner:

Dogs have lots of fun in the sun, but you need to be careful they don't get too hot! Check out this recipe for PB Fro-Yo Pupsicles from to help keep your puppy cool and safe!