Adorable Rudolph the Reindeer Donuts

These adorable Rudolph the Reindeer donuts are the perfect super quick and easy special treat for the kids. No cooking or baking needed – you simply assemble these cute little reindeer treats. Countdown to fun in five minutes or less!

Adorable Rudolph Donuts

It really can be so simple to brighten up a child’s day and make it a little more festive. A little treat like this takes about 5 minutes to put together but the excitement it brings can last for days (or years!).

You could even let the kids assemble these yourself. Don’t hesitate to substitute other candies – there are plenty of options that will work well for these reindeer donuts. This idea is Santa approved!

 Ingredients for Rudolph the Reindeer Donuts

  • Mini Chocolate DonutsĀ 
  • Candy Eyes
  • Pretzels
  • Red DOT CandiesĀ (or substitute other red candies)

Instructions for Rudolph the Reindeer Donuts

Take two pretzels and stick them into the chocolate donuts as antlers. They will generally hold well on their own but if you are having difficulties, try using a dab of canned frosting.

Place two eyes on the donuts. Again, the stickiness of the donuts will usually hold these eyes in place, but you can once again use some canned frosting if necessary.

Stick a DOT in the middle of the donut as a nose. You know the drill. Use icing if needed.

See? Easy peasy! These are such a fun idea for the kids, aren’t they? I think they’d be a fun alternative to the cookies for Santa. And they would be really yummy dunked in a mug of milk, wouldn’t they?

These super sweet reindeer treats take a few more steps to make but they are still quick and easy to assemble. I think these are the perfect table decor to put at each person’s place for Christmas dinner.

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