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Hey y’all!  I really hope you enjoy this post!  As a person with their degree in music, I need to have good tunes at my disposal.  While my iTunes would probably be good enough, why stop there if I don’t have to?  

6. Music: Slacker, Songza, Shazam

Slacker and Songza are both essentially radio apps.  Slacker arranges stations by genre, such as “Today’s Hits” and “Indie Chill.”  Or, if you had something more specific in mind, you can search for specific artists and songs (note that it’s not an extensive collection, and therefore won’t necessarily have everything you might ever want, but I think it has a fair selection).  The artist information provided is also pretty impressive – for each artist, Slacker provides a biography, a list of their available albums and songs, some suggestions of related artists, and a list of each Slacker radio station on which the artist appears.  Very cool.  It’s great to just sit around, browse various stations, and find new favorites.  So far, my fave station is Indie Sleepover, a station of “love songs for hipsters” and some of my favorite bands.

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Songza is also an amazing music app!  When the app opens, it suggests types of music based on what time of day it is.  These suggestions are amazing and often hilarious, with categories such as “Hosting a Sexy Pool Party,” “Feeling Confident,” and “Staying Up All Night.”  You can also find music based on featured stations, what stations you friends are listening to, as well as sorting features like genres, activities, and moods.  It’s very neat stumbling into some really random music based on such simple things as “it’s a rainy day” or “I’m hosting a formal dinner party.”  I like Songza for times when I’m not sure exactly what kind of music I feel like listening to – I just let it steer me with its awesome suggestions.

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You’ve probably already heard of Shazam.  It’s the easy app that listens to a song and identifies it!  I don’t really use it for much more than that, so maybe it has a bunch of bells and whistles I’ve yet to discover.  But, as the person who is always going “Who does this song again?”, this app is indispensable!  (It’s also good to know that Shazam works offline.  My iPad is Wifi only, but if I’m in the car and want to use Shazam to figure out what a song on the radio is, I can still use the app.  However, it cannot make a match until you have an internet connection again, but it will save the tags for later.)

Yay for music!  See you guys tomorrow for photo and photo-editing apps!

– Sam

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