iPad App Reviews 4: eReaders (plus Dropbox!)

appsserieslogobigger‘Sup, apps-lovers.  Day 4 of apps reviews coming at ya.  As some of you may know, I’m a bookoholic.  I’m addicted to bookohol.  As such, one of the absolute first and most necessary things that I put onto my iPad was the Kindle app.  In its honour, here’s a short little post about the eReaders I’ve downloaded for my iPad.

4. eReaders: Kindle, Adobe Reader

Now, I have heard very good things about iBooks.  However, Amazon already owns my soul (sorry Apple, they were there first!).  So of course my iPad had to have the Kindle app!  When you download and sign into your Amazon account, all of your previous Kindle purchases are already sitting there waiting for you in the Cloud.  Just a tap is all it takes to bring a book in from your cloud to your iPad.  I’m so happy they made it this easy, since I’ve already downloaded 80+ books (most of which were free!  Seriously, Amazon offers lots of free Kindle content.  It’s wonderful, as long as you like the classics like I do.).  Thanks to Whispersync technology, if you were already turned to a specific page in a book on a different Kindle device, when you open that book on your iPad app, it will still remember that page for you.  Start a book in one place, finish it in another, easy peasy.  You can press and hold a word to bring up its dictionary definition, or tap a word and highlight a section if you want to make a note (I used my old Kindle for school readings – the highlight function is super useful).  You can also share your highlights and notes to Facebook and Twitter!

Kindle App Review, from a 13 part series by GagenGirls.com

Admittedly, I’ve yet to use Adobe Reader.  But, now if I want to download PDF documents from the internet while browsing Safari, or perhaps a PDF is emailed to me, I can open them in this app.  And with PDF being the easiest format for the universal transportation of documents, this is sure to come in handy.

Bonus: Dropbox

I bumped Dropbox up the list merely because it also supports PDF documents, so it felt like a good segue.  Dropbox is an excellent program for syncing files between many users and devices.  I mainly use it to easily get files to and from my laptop.  “Oh shoot, wish I had those study notes for such and such.”  Problem solved.  Mr Anderson used Dropbox for sharing files between members of a group project he was a part of for some class (super handy).

Dropbox App Review, from a 13 part series on iPad apps by GagenGirls.com

When would I use Dropbox versus Adobe Reader?  Well, Dropbox is useful for all sorts of files, not just PDFs.  So there’s that.  But additionally, Dropbox moves files between devices, which is handy when you’re on the go.  (As a nice feature, it also automatically syncs my iPad photos, which was super helpful because I needed those photos for these blog posts!  Way easier to add the photos from my laptop.  Thanks, Dropbox!)  Adobe Reader, however, is standing by to receive any PDFs from Safari or Mail that I need to be able to store and read on my iPad.  Also, if my Dropbox tends to get a little full, I can open up any PDFs that it may contain in Adobe Reader and presto chango, now I can delete and clear up some space.  Brilliant!

See, just a short little post today.  (Which must be great after my monster Productivity post yesterday!)  See you guys tomorrow for more app fun!

– Sam

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