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Ok so I have to tell you – I had mixed feelings about going to see The Lone Ranger movie.  It stars Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp – that was a definite plus.  Sometimes, though, I’m not so crazy about remakes.  I mean, I grew up on The Lone Ranger TV series (huh…I always thought that I watched the original series but I looked it up and it was before my time so I guess I grew up on reruns!) – I clearly recall watching it with my brother – and I get a little worried that they’re going to take one of the classics from my childhood and ruin it.  But, we’re currently visiting my aunt and uncle in Cincinnati and they really wanted to go see it on the 4th of July so I was willing to give it a shot.

None of us were disappointed.  The combination of comedy, drama, and action made for a movie that appealed to all of us and kept us interested throughout.  Just today, I read that some were criticizing it for being too long (at 149 minutes) but in all honesty, not one of us felt that way.  It was so fast paced and entertaining that it didn’t even occur to me that it was longer than the typical movie of this type.  I wouldn’t have wanted them to leave out one single second.  Please note, this is not a movie for kids.  It does have violence in it and one scene in particular that is pretty gory (even though some of it is simply suggested rather than shown).

Armie Hammer is perfect as the somewhat reluctant and awkward hero.  As for Johnny Depp as Tonto – well I can’t imagine anyone else doing this role justice.  Tonto had that dry, deadpan, if somewhat condescending sense of humor that only Depp can deliver.  I do have a caveat about this movie though.  Despite the fact that as a diehard fan of the original Lone Ranger TV series I just loved this movie (enough that I’m taking my daughter to see it when I get back home), it’s not just a rehash of the show.  This movie is a fresh look at the Lone Ranger story so there are some significant changes.  Regardless of those changes, the excitement the audience felt the moment the William Tell Overture (Lone Ranger theme song) played was obvious and it was clear that they were as sold on this new take on The Lone Ranger as I was.

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