Patriotic S’mores Cups

These patriotic s’mores cups are perfect for your 4th of July celebration. After a fun backyard BBQ, you can sit around the campfire and serve up these delicious s’mores cups to your family and friends.

We love the single serving sizes! They make it so easy for people to help themselves and to portion out the supplies needed so you’re sure you have enough. And of course, these are a fun dessert to serve all summer long – you can change the pick colors if you’d like.

Patriotic S'mores Cups

Patriotic S’mores Cups

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No campfire? Now worries. Check out this tabletop s’mores maker. We have one and just love it. And you can use it all year long, no matter what the weather. This makes a great gift.

Prep: 10 Minutes
Makes: 3 cups ( easily double recipe to make more)


3 full size graham crackers
9 large marshmallows
3 strawberries; halved
12 blueberries
2 Hershey’s chocolate bars (use sections)

Non Food Supplies:

Note: I have linked to these supplies on Amazon but some are not exactly the ones used in these photos. Those have sold out so I wanted to provide you with other options. If you feel like shopping around, check your local dollar stores, craft stores, and stores like Walmart and Target. And feel free to substitute other items – as long as they are in patriotic colors, they’ll work!

Sparkler Picks

Cube Picks

Brown Cups


Place three marshmallows onto the blue cube pick. Repeat for each cup.

Cut the strawberries in halves and then place on a pick then add two blueberries. Add another strawberry half and then two blueberries. Repeat for each cup.

Place the graham cracker into the cup.

Add in marshmallow pick and fruit pick. Place a square of chocolate into the cup and one sparkler pick.

Serve when ready to roast s’mores over a grill.

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