Teacher Appreciation Gifts Under $10

It’s really not a matter of how much you spend. Teachers truly do appreciate the gifts they get no matter how inexpensive they were. These teacher appreciation gifts under $10 will give you some great ideas!

When I was a teacher, I truly loved all the gifts the kids brought to me. It was just that little bit of recognition that really meant all the world. I had kids who picked out gifts from the dollar store, ones who brought me a card they made with a heartfelt message in it, kids who lived on a farm and would bring me asparagus or eggs or hams, and all of it, every bit of it touched my heart.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Under $10

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Under $10

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The following items are ones that I would have been happy to receive. They’re all under $10 but please know that if even that would be a financial burden, I don’t know any teachers who kept count of who brought gifts and who didn’t.

Anything we received was lovely, but I never would want someone to give me something out of obligation or something that would put a strain on their finances. Just receiving a note of appreciation from parents and/or the kids was incredibly special and more than enough.

Leather Earrings

Wooden Desk Signs

Teacher Bracelet

Silicone Spatulas

Notepad and Pen

Jewelry Dish

Wristband Keychain

Teacher Coloring Book

Wine Glass Tumbler

Bangle Charm Bracelet

Why We Need Teachers Picture Book


Teacher Notepads



Teacher Survival Kit

Morse Code Bracelet

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