Grandparents Gift Guide: 15 Heartwarming Gift Ideas They’ll Love!

Grandparents Gift Guide

I don’t think it can be overstated how important grandparents are. When I was a first-time mom, my mother was the one holding my hand and keeping me sane while my husband was working. Now, she’s my son’s best friend.

It’s impossible to repay my mom for all the love she’s given me and my children over the years, but I still like to try!

Between Grandparents Day (the first Sunday after Labour Day), Christmas, Mother’s Day and her birthday, there are lots of times for me to attempt to spoil my mother. Thankfully, there are loads of heartwarming grandparent gifts out there (which is not to mention the plethora of arts and crafts projects for kids to do, but mine are still a tad young for most of those).

Grandparents Gift Ideas

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Photo frames

If there’s one thing I know about grandparents, it’s that they LOVE looking at pictures of their grandkids. You could go to the dollar store for a picture frame and they’d still love it, but why not treat them to one of these touching frames instead?

Keepsake Gifts

Similar to the photo frames, these gifts are lovely reminders of their grandkids and special moments in their life. The sonogram block keepsake box, as well as the hand and footprint kit, are slightly more tangible than the photo frames, and the birthday calendar is great for grandparents with big families to keep track of.


Warm their hearts with the gift of a warm beverage. Not only are these mugs precious, but they can be filled with other little items to further personalize the gift, like a packet of their favourite hot beverage, little notes or drawings made by the kids, jewelry, or cufflinks. Little touches like that can really push a gift over into extra-special.

“Little Critter” Books

Mr. Anderson has a special place in his heart for these books, so books from this series have served to announce my first pregnancy to him and then to his parents, and announce our second pregnancy to the world (aka social media).

I also think it’s a good idea for grandparents to have a little library of special books at their house. Then when the grandkids come to visit, you can sit down together for some sweet bonding time and read together.

Other Grandparents Gift Ideas

“Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa”

As we mentioned on our list of best board books, we LOVE Llama Llama. This one is another great addition to a grandparent’s library to read with your grandkids. Such great rhymes and such a sweet little book!

A Grandparent’s Keepsake Album

Do you know a grandparent who loves scrapbooking and/or journalling? This keepsake album is essentially the equivalent of a baby book but for grandparents to record milestones of their grandkids. I think it’s so sweet and is one of those things you can pull off the shelf years later for some precious reminiscing.

Grandparents Key Ring Set

This is so sweet! Thinking back to the idea of giving a mug, these would be great things to put inside the mugs to spread the love even further. I think these key rings are just adorable.

Grandparents’ House Rules Wooden Sign

I don’t know if it’s obvious by this point in the gift guide, but I absolutely adore rustic wooden wall signs. This one is no exception. The idea of having a “house rules” sign has become quite popular in the last few years, and I think this style would look lovely in every grandparent’s home.

I hope you liked this gift guide and that you found something for those wonderful grandparents that deserve all the gifts!

How are you showing the grandparents in your life some love this year? Do you have a fantastic grandparents gift in mind already? Let us know in the comments!

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