Backyard Summer Party Themes

Are you thinking about having any backyard parties this summer? We have multiple summer birthdays in our family as well as holidays like Canada Day and Victoria Day to celebrate. So, we went looking for some possible backyard summer party themes that we could use for these get-togethers.

These family-friendly party themes are sure to get you thinking of fun events to host in your backyard this summer. Let these ideas inspire you to get creative with your celebrations!

Backyard Summer Party Themes

Backyard Summer Party Themes

Pool Party

 If you have a pool, this is almost a mandatory party theme! Fun in the sun with plenty of hydrating drinks and games that can be played in the pool are always a winner. Have large floats available for those that want to just kick back and relax in the pool. Sunblock, sunglasses, water and towels should be available to keep your party goers safe and healthy.

Hawaiian Luau

This theme is always fun because you can theme the food and drink around tropical cuisine as well as dress the part, too. Tiki torches, grass skirts, flowery shirts and leis are all part of the fun. Have plenty of games planned and start planning all those pineapple and coconut beverages and desserts!

Parents and son sitting on blanket with pillows and watching movie projected on cloth in summer evening in yard

Backyard Movie Night

With a large portable movie screen, you can enjoy your favorite movies right on your own lawn. Make sure you have all the necessary electronics for watching and hearing the movies. Plan games around the movies and theme your food and drinks around the movie, as well. 

Farmer’s Market Party

If your friends are foodies and love sharing recipes made from your locally sourced farmer’s market summer bounty of fruits, vegetables and more, then consider this tasty idea. Have your guests bring their favorite recipe from their farmer’s market haul or their own garden and enjoy this delicious potluck theme.

Tropical banana split with chocolate drizzle over three scoops of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream on fresh bananas, yellow background

Ice Cream Sundae Party

What better way to cool off during the hot months of summer than with a frozen treat? Ice cream, or yogurt, can be the base of a fun party full of sweet toppings like chocolate sauce, fruit sauce, sprinkles, nuts, diced fruits, whipped cream, cookie crumbles, chopped candy and more. 

Beach Party

A favorite of everyone, a beach party theme in your backyard is easy to set up, minus the sand, of course. Add a volleyball net, roast some s’mores and hot dogs over a portable fire pit or your outdoor grill, and even have portable kiddie pools to splash around in. Make sure you have plenty of beach towels and low chairs or lounges on hand, as well. 

Watermelon Party 

Everyone’s favorite summer fruit certainly deserves it’s own celebration, right? Deck your backyard out in green, white and watermelon pink and offer an array of melon-based drinks and desserts. Be sure and include cantaloupe and honeydew, too, for a little variety.

Consider the always popular watermelon seed spitting contest, just for giggles. The winner gets to take home the largest watermelon you can procure!

When we celebrated William’s first birthday, the theme was “One in a Melon”, and we used all kinds of watermelon decorations!

Fast Food Menu. Top View. Two Hot Dogs, Beer, Herbs and Chips on Wooden Tray. Rustic Style.

Hot Dog Party / Burger Party

Choose from one or both of these fun food themes. Grill the hot dogs and/or burgers and have a toppings bar full of delectable ingredients and let your guests build their hot dog or burger. Chili, slaw, condiments, cheese, hot and spicy toppings – the list can go on!

Keep your summer parties budget-friendly by letting some of your friends help with the planning, food and decor. No matter which theme you choose, enjoying time with family and friends is priceless. Have a great summer!

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