Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your dad happy on Father’s Day. We’ve got some great inexpensive Father’s Day gifts here that may not cost much money (some are even free!) but they would be greatly appreciated.

Check out these ideas for your own dad or as ideas for your children to make or do for their father. We’ve got plenty of free or nearly free gift ideas below as well as a curated gift guide of gifts you can get on Amazon for under $20.

Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts

The Gift of Time

Of course, being able to spend time with your dad is probably the best gift you could ever give him. Have him over to your house for his favorite dinner. Or take him on a drive to a place he really enjoys (my dad loved to be out in nature or to visit historical battlefields). If he lives too far away to see in person, spend time with him on a video call.

You could also take your dad to an activity like going to a golf range or taking him bird watching. You might be able to find a class or lecture he’d enjoy (my dad enjoyed history and photography so these would have been perfect). Or do something like going to a movie or bowling, for example.

Make Him Something

There are plenty of special DIY Father’s Day gift ideas out there. Many of them can be made with inexpensive materials that you can find at your local dollar store. But try to think outside the box and look for even more creative ideas.

You could research a topic that he’s particularly interested in and assemble the information for him. My dad loved genealogy so surprising him with some newfound family tree information was something he treasured.

Dad’s favorite food was pie, so one year, I gave him gift certificates for pie of the month club. Each month he could choose the flavor and I would bake one for him.

Another time, I made him a backyard birding book. It was customized to our local area and left space for him to jot down his observations. This is easy to do in a program such as Canva.

Kids can write a storybook for their dad, put on a puppet play, or sing a song for him. Bonus points if they composed it themselves. Be sure to record it!

Offer to Do Some Chores for Dad

If your dad is older, helping him out with some chores around the house can be a great gift idea. Do some yard work or gardening, wash the windows or clean the gutters. There are so many ways you can assist him with things that need to be done around his house.

Wash his car and detail the inside for him. Do some household repairs.

You could also gather up Dad’s photo albums and memorabilia and get them organized for him so he can easily look through them whenever he’d like.

Amazon Gifts Under $20

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