Best Postpartum Help Ideas

Giving birth and then caring for a new baby is exhausting. New moms could often use some extra help but, sometimes the “help” they receive is not always what they want. If you want some of the Best Postpartum Help Ideas New Moms Actually Need, keep reading.

Whether it’s their first baby or their fifth, getting some practical assistance to take the pressure off them and allow new moms to rest, recover, and care for their baby can make such a difference in those first few months after baby’s arrival. Some of these are items you can purchase, while others are the gift of time. Either way, they’re likely to be well-received!

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Best Postpartum Help Ideas New Moms Actually Need

Here is your guide to some of the best postpartum help ideas new moms actually want and need! 

Food Subscription 

The last thing a mom who has just given birth wants to do is cook dinner. Sure, there may be others in the family who could do this instead, but they are adjusting to having a new baby in the house too and would love some additional time to spend with mom and baby.

If you can, give them a food subscription to make dinners and meals a lot easier! There are a variety of meal subscriptions to choose from. With some, you get to choose the meals each week, and all the ingredients come ready for you to cook. Others have pre-made meals you simply heat up. These subscriptions always cater to vegan, low fat, heart-healthy, family-size, and every diet imaginable!

If you cannot afford a food subscription as a gift, freezer meals or easy-to-cook meals will go a long way, just as a subscription would.  

Babysit Older Kids 

Moms with multiple children need a good babysitter right after giving birth. Offer to take the older kids out for a fun day at the park or other activity while mom and the new baby connect and sleep throughout the day. We have two very noisy boys in this household and some quiet time to rest with the newborn is always greatly appreciated.

Hire a Cleaner 

Just like with cooking dinner, the last thing people want to do is clean their house when they have a new precious baby to cuddle. And yet, this is also a time when often they’re having more houseguests. Hiring cleaners has never been easier. Many apps allow you to hire for an hour or two at any time. If you are on a smaller budget, you can always offer to come clean the home yourself as well! 

Heating Pad /Ice Packs

During the postpartum recovery period, anything to help with pain relief is welcomed by new moms. A heating pad makes a great gift! Try to find a big one that will fit their entire back. That way, no matter where the pain is, the heating pad should cover it nicely. 

You can also get ice/heat pads made perfect for the perineum too. This will aid in her recovery but can also be used for a variety of things! These perineal ice pads will be a lifesaver when dealing with anything from headaches to earaches with the kids or even when experiencing menstrual pain.

Gift Cards 

You can never go wrong with gift cards. With gift cards, you allow a new mom to buy things she truly wants or needs without the pressure of spending her own money. You can choose from a variety of gift cards, depending on what your new mom needs. 

You can get cards to eat out, buy groceries, baby items, or a simple VISA gift card, and your new mom can choose to spend it however she pleases. You can also do gift certificates for a spa so she can get in some self-care. 

If you are on a strict budget, try making your own gift certificates for a new mom! Some examples include babysitting their kids, a dinner meal, and so on. She can cash them in whenever she needs them. 

Delivery Subscription 

Similar to a meal subscription, any type of subscription will help a new mom! A mom won’t have to worry about getting ready, packing a diaper bag, and taking her newborn to a store with a delivery subscription. She can simply stay at home and shop from her bed.

Nowadays, you can get a subscription to just about anything! From Walmart+ to Amazon grocery shopping to produce boxes, there is something for everyone. When I gave birth, a friend knew I wanted to use cloth diapers and paid for a delivery service for the first 6 months and then I did the same thing for Sam when she had Walter.

Subscriptions are usually more expensive unless you have a coupon code or discount for signing up. You can always go in on this type of present with a couple of friends to help split the cost. 

Do the Laundry 

As soon as their little one arrives, there is so much laundry to do all the time. It seems never-ending, especially for an exhausted mom! If she will let you, come and do her laundry for the first couple of days or weeks. This will take a huge load off of her and is one of the best gifts you can give a tired mom! 

Paper Plates 

To avoid having to do the dishes, give a postpartum mom some paper plates and plastic utensils. You might even add in some paper cups too! It may seem silly, but it goes a long, long way! This will help the family not have to worry much about the dishes for the first couple of weeks after giving birth and take some pressure off them.

Easy Snacks 

Postpartum moms need plenty of snacks to keep their energy level high and help them provide all the nutrients for their baby if they are nursing. You can easily make a postpartum snack basket as a gift for the new mom. Fill it with easy, nutritious snacks. Non-messy snacks she can eat with one hand work the best! 

10.Massage Gift Card

What new mom wouldn’t love a massage? Her body is going to be all out of whack after giving birth and learning to sleep and adjust to a newborn baby. Giving her the gift of a massage somewhere nice is something a mom would love and definitely need. 

Be sure to check out this New Mom Gift Guide for even more ideas!

There is so much focus on the new baby that the postpartum mom often gets overlooked, even though she needs just as much help, if not more. It takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to support a mom. Any of these postpartum help ideas will make all the difference! 

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