Creamy Tortellini Salad Recipe

Summer is nearly here and we are so ready for it! This is one of our favorite spring and summer recipes. This creamy tortellini salad is perfect for backyard BBQs, picnics, or pretty much any meal you want. In fact, we have been known to make it a main dish – it’s that good.

My niece served this salad at a family get-together and it has been a go-to recipe ever since. It’s vegetarian as it is but if you want to, you can easily add some leftover chunks of chicken (or shredded chicken) or diced ham to it.

Creamy Tortellini Salad Recipe


You can vary these according to any amount of salad you wish to make but I made a big batch using:

2 lbs. cheese tortellini

1/2 bottle Creamy Caesar dressing

An equal amount (to the Caesar dressing) of mayonnaise (about 1 cup)

A splash of Italian dressing (about 1 tbsp – can adjust as you’d like)

Any vegetables or seasonings you want to add – I added some cracked black pepper, grape tomatoes, and black olives. My niece usually adds cherry tomatoes and cucumber. It’s really good with bacon added and I love throwing some radishes and peas in there too. 

Pro Tip: I find that the frozen peas (the larger size not the tiny ones) work the best. They have a slightly firmer texture to them that holds up well to being mixed through the salad. I put them in while still frozen and by the time we serve the salad, they’re thawed. 


Cook tortellini according to package directions. Let cool. 

Here’s my little tip that I found SO helpful in mixing the salad up. Mix the dressings and mayonnaise together in the bottom of your salad bowl. Then add the tortellini to it. 

I find doing it that way ensures that it mixes quickly and the dressing coats the tortellini evenly.

Add any vegetables, seasonings, or other ingredients you’d like.

That’s it! It’s perfect for family dinners, serving at summer BBQs and parties, and taking to potlucks.

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