Ghost Cheese Sticks 

If you’re looking for a simple but fun Halloween lunch idea for your kids, these Ghost Cheese Sticks fit the bill. They are so quick and easy to make and a fantastic addition to a kid’s lunchbox.

You could also use these for a fun after school snack idea. Add a mandarin orange cup with a Jack O Lantern face drawn on and some crackers and pretzels and you’ve got a great and fun snack.

We’ve got more simple Halloween snack and lunch ideas here.

Halloween Ghost Cheese Sticks

Ghost Cheese Sticks 


Mozzarella cheese sticks

Black Sharpie marker


Keeping the cheese stick inside the original packaging, wipe any moisture from the plastic (this will prevent the marker from getting wet and make drawing ghost faces easier!)

Once the cheese stick packaging is dry, draw a ghost face towards the top of the cheese stick. You can get creative with ghost faces if you’d like, but for this craft we did a basic ghost face. 

Place the cheese sticks out at your next Halloween party or event for guests! You can also place them inside of a cup to display them in a different way. 

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