Butterfly Snack Bags

These Butterfly Snack Bags are a great idea for a spring or summer party, to send along in your child’s lunchbox as a special school surprise, or to take along on a hike or road trip.

They are SO easy to make and you can easily get the kids involved in making them. They can be filled with nearly any kind of snack or candy depending on your preferences. You can even let the kids mix up their own snack mix for it.

Butterfly Snack Bags

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Supplies needed:

Snack bags

Pipe cleaners

Snacks: fruit cereal, goldfish, pretzels, cheerios and so on.


Place snacks in each snack bag. Do not overfill. Release as much air from the bag as possible and seal the bag. 

Divide the snacks in the middle (this is where the pipe cleaner will wrap around the bag.) Fold the seal of the bag over towards the back to hide it.

Wrap a pipe cleaner around the center of the bag. Twist the pipe cleaner at the top a few times. Then, use your finger or a pencil to create the antennae for the butterfly by twisting it around.

Repeat this process for the desired amount of snacks and butterflies you will need.

Display your butterflies and then serve! 

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