Easy Lawn Mower Cupcakes 

These lawn mower cupcakes are simply adorable and can be made using a cake mix or your favorite cupcake recipe. They’re perfect for Mother’s or Father’s Day or to present to someone with a landscaping business.

Not especially skilled at decorating cakes? That’s okay. Neither are we and these are really easy to put together. Check out the step-by-step instructions below.

Easy Lawn Mower Cupcakes 

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1 box chocolate cake mix + additional ingredients per directions OR your favorite recipe

Red buttercream frosting in a piping bag with a Wilton 18 star tip 

Green buttercream frosting divided into 2 piping bags: 1 with a large cut tip for the cut grass and one with a Wilton 233 tip for the uncut grass 

1-2 oz chocolate melts or almond bark in a piping bag with a small cut tip 

Hershey nugget candies, 1 per cupcake 

Brown mini M&M’s, 1 per cupcake for lawnmower top 

Brown regular M&M’s, 4 per cupcake for the wheels 


On a piece of paper draw or use a stencil to create a handle for the lawnmower

Place it on a sheet pan  then place a sheet of wax paper over the image 

Melt the chocolate in the microwave and stir until smooth 

Cut a small opening at the tip of the bag and pipe the handles onto the wax paper, 1 for each cupcake 

Place in refrigerator to set 

Cool the chocolate slightly then pour into a piping bag 

Bake cupcakes per recipe and cool completely 

Use the green frosting with large cut tip to pipe a smooth flat path of frosting down the middle of each cupcake to represent mowed grass as shown 

Place the nugget candy on the end of green frosting path – the front of the lawnmower will be the side near the edge of the cupcake 

Use the red frosting to completely cover the nugget candy in star shapes 

Place the mini M&M on top of the frosted nuggets right in the center 

Add regular M&M wheels on both sides of the frosted nugget 

Use the green frosting with the W233 tip to pipe unmowed grass on both unfrosted sides of the cupcake 

Next carefully remove the chocolate handles from the wax paper and place them just behind the back of the lawnmower as shown 

You are ready to share & enjoy! 

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