Easy Turkey Donuts

You need exactly zero previous decorating experience in order to successfully make these easy turkey donuts. They are a simple Thanksgiving treat that is perfect for beginners.

Make these ahead of time for your family celebration or put out the supplies and let each person create their own. Either way, they’ll be a big hit.

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easy turkey donuts

Easy Turkey Donuts


supplies needed to make cute Thanksgiving donuts
  • Chocolate Donuts
  • Milano Cookies – 1 per donut
  • 2 Candy Eyes Per Donut
  • Candy Corn – we used two different kinds/color combinations
  • Red M&Ms (1/2 per donut)


Create Turkey feathers by sticking candy corn into the donuts.

adding eyes to the Milano cookies

Stick two candy eyes onto the Milano cookie.

making the turkey's face

Create a beak by cutting a m&m in half and using one candy corn.

completed turkey donut treats

Stick the cookie onto the donut hole to create the turkey body. These are so easy to make and such fun! They make great Thanksgiving treats to place at each person’s spot for dinner, make together as a Thanksgiving day activity, or to put on a tray of goodies to serve to your guests.

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