3 Easy Ways To Display Your Child’s Artwork

As a parent, you’re probably always looking for ways to show off your child’s artwork. However, it can often end up in a cluttered pile despite your best intentions. Luckily, there are easy ways to display your child’s artwork that look good in your home and are easy to update as your little one grows and changes.

3 Easy Ways To Display Your Child’s Artwork

Art Wall

An art wall is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to display your little one’s masterpieces. To create an art wall, simply gather twine, clothespins, and two nails. Hammer the nails into the wall at a predetermined distance from one another, string the twine between each nail, and add clothespins along the length of the twine. Then, hang a piece of artwork from each clothespin. As a bonus activity, you can have your child paint the clothespins before you hang the artwork.

An art wall is a great way to add personalization to your little one’s nursery. If you hang the drawings on one of their bedroom walls, you can instantly add color and dimension to the space. Plus, your child will love seeing their creations every time they enter their nursery. The clothespin method also makes it incredibly easy to swap out the artwork as your child grows and develops.

Clipboard Art

Another easy way to display your child’s artwork is by creating clipboards with recycled or inexpensive frames. For a cohesive look, you can wrap each frame’s glass in fabric so they have a uniform background. Then, you can glue a metal clip to the top of each frame and attach your child’s art.

It’s easy to create a gallery wall by hanging the clipboards in a cluster on your wall. Don’t worry if the frames are various sizes because the mismatched look creates visual interest. If you prefer, you can also spray paint each frame’s border for a cleaner look. Like the art wall, the clipboard method makes it easy to rotate art throughout the year.

Frame Tape

If you don’t want to nail holes into your wall, frame tape is a great way to display artwork without a big commitment. As the name suggests, frame tape is a type of tape designed to look like a picture frame. Frame tape comes in all types of colors and styles, so you can easily find an option that works with your home decor.

Simply unroll the tape and stick it on the wall to create a four-sided border in your desired size. Next, hang the artwork in the center of the frame tape using mounting putty or push pins. This simple, non-permanent solution is a great way to showcase your little one’s creativity in their bedroom, playroom, or any other space in your home.

With so many fun, creative ways to display your child’s artwork, you can add color and whimsy to your home in no time. By showcasing their art, you’re honoring your child’s creativity and teaching them the importance of self-expression.

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