4th Of July Pretzel Rods

How cute are these 4th of July pretzel rods? They’re bright and festive, perfect for any patriotic occasion. Best of all, they’re really easy to make and delicious.

We love the combination of sweet and salty that comes together in these candy pretzels. You don’t have to be a cake decorating or candy making expert to make these either. With supervision, you can even have the kids help!

4th of july pretzel rods

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4th Of July Pretzel Rods

Prep: 15 Minutes
Cook: 8 Minutes
Serves: 9 Pretzels


9 pretzel rods

6 oz each:

  • white candy melts
  • red candy melts
  • blue candy melts

1 tablespoon each:

  • red sprinkles
  • star sprinkles
  • white pearl sprinkles


Melt the white, blue, and red candy melts as directed on the package.

Using a spoon scoop candy melts over the top of one end of the pretzels.

Roll as you are scooping then tap lightly to get the excess candy melts off the pretzel. Place on parchment paper.

Before the candy melts dry add the white pearl sprinkles to the blue pretzels. Add the red sprinkles to the white pretzel rods. Lastly add the star sprinkles to the red pretzel rods.

Let dry and serve!

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