Adorable Snowman Sandwich

This adorable snowman sandwich is such a fun idea for any winter day. This simple open-faced sandwich turns any winter meal into something special.

Quick and easy to make, this fun lunch or snack idea is sure to put a smile on your kids’ faces. You can even get them to help you assemble these!

Adorable Snowman Sandwich

Adorable Snowman Sandwich


– 1 box of round salty crackers

-1 cream cheese brick

-1 small carrot

-1 small red bell pepper

-Peppercorns or edible eyes.

-Seeds of your choice 


Start by spreading your cream cheese on two round salty crackers and place one above the other on a large plate. 

-Cut the carrot in a tiny triangle to form the nose.

-Put two peppercorns as the eyes and carrot as the nose on one of the crackers.

-Place three seeds of your choice as the buttons on the other cracker.

-End by cutting the red bell pepper in a strip and put it between the two salty crackers as the scarf.

-Repeat this process for each snowman.

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