All About Mom Questionnaire

This All About Mom questionnaire is super cute and something that will be greatly appreciated by any mother. I know that I always treasured these kinds of projects and even after all these years, I have kept them as memorabilia that I can look back on and smile.

This is a great thing to include in a Mother’s Day card or you can turn this into an inexpensive gift.

all about mom questionnaire

Ask the kids to answer the questions, add some color to the sheet, and draw a picture of Mom. Then, you can frame it and present the framed questionnaire as her gift. For bonus points, get a plain wooden frame and have the kids paint it.

PRO TIP: If you’re on a budget, pick up a frame from your local dollar store.

Another idea would be to buy a scrapbook. Get the kids to decorate the cover (if applicable) and draw Mom a picture on the first page. Then, glue the questionnaire on the next page. Let mom know that each year, the kids will fill out a new sheet for her to add to her scrapbook.

This is an especially good solution if you have more than one child as it will save space.

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