Blow Raspberries at Your Baby!

The photographer was SO frustrated by Sam blowing raspberries in this photo. He wanted me to “do something to make her stop”. My response, “You don’t know much about babies do you?”. Finally, I told him I thought it was cute and to just take the picture. In fact, I just made the same noises right back at her. And you know what? It’s one of my all-time favourite baby photos. In fact, now I’ve learned that you SHOULD blow raspberries at your baby. Here’s why:
blow raspberries at your baby


Did you know that when babies do this, they are actually learning to control their mouth, tongue, and lips and it’s an important step in language development? Research has shown that babies who make such mouth movements are more likely to pick up words more quickly when they’re toddlers. Blowing raspberries, making spit bubbles, any sort of mouth motions such as these are a really helpful stage in your baby learning to speak.
Now, what if your baby isn’t doing this? You can encourage them by modelling such mouth movements for them. They will often mimic it right back to you. So. go ahead, give your baby the raspberry! 

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