Carrot Snack Bags

These carrot snack bags are so incredibly easy to make and yet, they are adorable. Kids love them and it’s such a simple way to brighten up their day with a special snack.

You can serve these snack bags as an after-school snack, use them as goodie bags at a party, or even pop one into their school lunch. They even make a cute display! Perfect for Easter and other spring gatherings – or just for fun!

Carrot Snack Bags

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Supplies needed:

cone treat bags

orange snack (Possible inclusions: goldfish crackers, cheese balls, Cheetos, orange M & Ms, Annie’s bunny crackers) 

green ribbon



Fill each cone treat bag about ¾ full with desired snack choice. Do not overfill! For this snack, I used goldfish crackers.

Twist the top of the bag. Cut the desired length of ribbon and tie the ribbon around the top of the bag. 

Use your scissors to curl the ribbon (it’s best to have an adult help with this step!) 

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