Banana Sushi Rolls

Here’s a lunch recipe for those times when you’re looking for an option that isn’t a sandwich. These Banana Sushi Rolls are perfect for a school lunch or an after school snack.

We  remember very well when Sam was young and day after day, she’d come home from school with her sandwich, untouched in her lunch pail. It’s not that she didn’t like sandwiches but she often grew tired of them.

banana sushi rolls

Banana Sushi Rolls

Since Sam is hypoglycemic, it was especially important to send something relatively healthy and protein packed that would entice Sam to eat her lunch. These Banana Sushi Rolls, based on Sam’s favorite after school snack, really fit the bill.

They’re so simple to make. Simply peel and slice a banana. I like to make the slices about 1/4 inch thick. Spread some peanut butter (or Wow butter) on the outside of each banana slice.

If you aren’t allowed to send peanut butter or Wow butter to your child’s school, you can use something else that will act as the “glue”. Yogurt and honey are other possible options. The last step is to roll the outside of each banana slice in wheat germ (other possibilities: chia seeds, crushed flax seeds, hemp hearts, Rice Krispies, crushed nuts, coconut). That’s it!

I like to wrap these up in some plastic wrap because I find that it helps prevent too much browning of the bananas. You can also brush the banana slices with a tiny bit of lemon juice and that will also help prevent browning.

Want to make it a little more of a treat? Instead of the wheat germ, use mini chocolate or carob chips.   My daughter also loved something similar as an after school snack. I would cut up an apple for her and she would dip it first into a bowl of peanut butter and then into a bowl of wheat germ. Yum!

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