DIY Upcycled Dog Toy

Got some old t-shirts on hand? You can recycle them and use them to make a DIY Upcycled Dog Toy. It’s really easy to make and will provide your dog with hours of enjoyment.

The materials needed besides your old t-shirts are incredibly inexpensive, making this a very economical craft project to make. You can have it ready to go in under half an hour. These make great gifts for your favorite doggie friends.

DIY Upcycled Dog Toy

DIY Upcycled Dog Toy


  • 3 upcycled tee-shirts in different colors/patterns 
  • Tennis ball
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Fabric marker
  • Cutting mat and ruler, measuring tape or ruler
  • 1 rubber band 


Step 1:  Cut the front and back off each tee-shirt. You may need to work around any parts of the shirt that have logos or graphics on them.

Steps 2-3: You can use a ruler with a marker and scissors of a cutting mat with a ruler and rotary cutter to cut your strips. We cut 24 strips in total (8 from each color) and made them 1″ wide.

Steps 4-5: Divide the strips into two groups of 12, laying them out as evenly as you can so the ends line up. Trim them if needed. Tie a knot in one end, leaving about 3” of “fringe” on that knotted end. Then, braid them, knotting the end and leaving 3” of “fringe”. Repeat on the other set.

Step 6: Using a screwdriver or other appropriate tool, make a hole in one end of the tennis ball and another in the opposite end, making them link up on each side as close as you can.

Step 7: Use your rubber band to hold the two braids together at one end. Push through the hole in the tennis ball and pull it out the other end, placing the ball in the middle of the braids. 

Now it’s time to play!

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