Eliminating Odors: Reasons Your Home May Stink

No one wants a smelly home, but various things can contribute to odors. It’s time to identify problems and leave bad stenches in the past! Explore the reasons why your home may stink for possible odor culprits.

eliminating odors reasons your home may stink

Gas Leaks

You may have a gas leak if you smell rotten eggs and know that the smell isn’t from the fridge. While natural gas is odorless, companies add an odorant to alert people about leaks. Don’t ignore the odor because gas leaks are extremely dangerous. They cause fires, explosions, and respiratory problems! Leave your home if you suspect a leak and contact your gas company. They’ll give you instructions on your next steps.

Old or Spilled Food

Do you catch a whiff of something when you open the refrigerator? Old or spilled food can contribute to bad smells that come and go. Look for issues in the back of the refrigerator because new food can cover expired items, and it’s also easy to knock over things at the back of the fridge. Deep clean your refrigerator and open a fresh box of baking soda to absorb excess odor to eliminate bad smells.

Garbage Bag Leaks

You may smell old trash after garbage pick-up day. Garbage bag leaks can stain trash cans and generate a foul odor in your kitchen. Steak night is over, there’s no need to smell old meat or drippings. Clean your cans when you notice offensive smells. Wipe the bins with a bleach and water solution to disinfect them and eliminate odors.

Dirty Laundry

Let’s face it, life gets busy and it’s challenging to keep up with laundry. Unfortunately, dirty laundry has a distinct musty smell that can fill a room, but the odor disappears once you wash clothes. However, putting less-than-fresh clothes back into your closet can make unpleasant smells linger. Only storing clean clothes is one tip for keeping your closet smelling fresh. Regularly washing your clothes prevents body oils and stains from sticking to the fabric, which can contribute to bad smells.

Pet Stains

Although you love your fur babies, pets are a reason why your home may stink. Poop, pee, bed odors, and dirty toys can create an unpleasant smell in any room. Bad smells can travel to other rooms if you don’t resolve these problems. They can also settle into carpets and furniture, making them difficult to remove. Quickly clean up messes with powder-based stain removers and liquid deodorizers because they penetrate stains.

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