How to Bathe a Newborn Baby

This tried and true loving method for how to bathe a newborn baby helps infants feel warm and secure, making bath time relaxing and enjoyable for both babies and their parents.

Every new parent knows how challenging giving a bath to a newborn baby can be. Many infants start to fuss the moment they are undressed, because they feel insecure without the warmth of their clothing and blankets. Then they cry and wiggle as they are lowered into the bath, because the unfamiliar feeling of water on their skin upsets them even more. Parents find themselves hurrying as fast as they can to finish the job of cleaning a wiggly, slippery, unhappy baby.

It doesn’t have to be that way. The following method can make bath time a relaxing and enjoyable experience for both parent and child.

How to Bathe a Newborn Baby

Surround Baby With Softness and Warmth

First, undress the baby in a warm, draft-free room. Quickly wrap her in a large cotton receiving blanket that has been gently warmed in the dryer, then cuddle and rock her until she feels content and happy.

Next, make sure her bath water is comfortably warm. Test the temperature using a wrist or elbow. Lower the baby into the bath, making sure she is still wrapped snugly inside the receiving blanket. The feeling of soft cloth wrapped around her body will make her feel secure, and the water will warm her as it seeps through the blanket to her skin.

Leave the Receiving Blanket Wrapped Around Baby During Her Bath

Loosen the blanket slightly around her upper body, using one corner of the fabric as a washcloth. Using tear-free soap, gently clean her head, neck, face, and arms. Keep the corner of the blanket warm by frequently dunking it into the bath water.

After washing her upper body, make the blanket snug around her shoulders again, then loosen the fabric around her lower body and continue bathing her in the same way until she is completely clean.

Wrap Her in a Warm, Soft Towel, Then Rock Her for a While

While she is still immersed in the warm water, remove the receiving blanket, lift her from the bath, and wrap her in a fluffy towel that has been gently warmed in the dryer. Move to a favorite rocking chair and cuddle her for a little while. Then, removing the towel a little at a time, dress her in soft clothing.

Swaddle Her in a Dry Receiving Blanket

Finally, wrap her snugly in a clean, dry receiving blanket. This emulates the secure feeling of being in the womb, and is very comforting to a newborn baby.

Using this method for how to bathe a newborn baby will help make bath time a peaceful time, building love and trust between parents and their little one.

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