Lemon Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottles are sometimes known as calm down bottles. They can be a really soothing activity for young children and you can make them for many different themes. In this post, we’ll show you how easy it is to make a lemon sensory bottle.

This bottle is bright and cheery. We’ve used simple lemon shaped buttons but any bright yellow small items that are waterproof would work.

lemon sensory bottle

Lemon Sensory Bottle

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Supplies needed:

Empty bottle

1 bottle of clear Elmer’s glue

Lemon resin flatback buttons (you could also use an assortment of yellow buttons)

1 cup of warm water 

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Pour the glue into the warm water and stir well. This helps to minimize the amount of bubbles in the mixture. 

Pour the water into the sensory bottle. 

Add the lemon buttons. 

Fill the remainder of the bottle with water, leaving a small space so that it’s not overfilled. 

Close the bottle and secure the top well. Use tape if desired around the lid. 

Shake up the contents of the sensory bottle well. 

Allow the child to engage with the sensory bottle.

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