Magical Decorations Your Bathroom Would Love

We get it—you probably don’t think of your bathroom as the most beautiful, luxurious spot in your home. That’s totally fair! But who says your bathroom doesn’t deserve to look and feel its best? Your bathroom would love these magical decorations, and you will too!

Magical Decorations Your Bathroom Would Love

Whimsical Lighting and Colors

The best rooms have one thing in common: excellent lighting. The lighting fixtures in your bathroom help dictate its mood, so if you’re going for a soft, magical glow, choose fairy lights! You can string these along the ceiling and behind the toilet seat for gentle illumination. You could even hang a crystal chandelier (plastic or glass) to throw some dazzling colors of the rainbow around the room.

Speaking of crystal, this whimsical material would look great everywhere in your fairy-tale bathroom! Think of types of crystal doorknobs on the door and drawers or small crystal decor near the sink basin. These delicate features will bounce light and color around the room, adding to its magic.

Ornate Mirror

A bathroom wouldn’t be complete without a mirror, but the style of the mirror is important to consider. For a magical ambience, find an ornate mirror (preferably with a gold trim). The mirror should also be round or curved in some way—squares are so not magical.

Plants—Lots of Them!

Want to feel like you’re walking into a faraway land of lush foliage when you enter your bathroom? You can make that happen! All you have to do is head to the plant store. Focus on finding hanging plants, as these bring a delicate whimsy to a space and look downright beautiful.

But don’t stop there—put little potted babies on the shelves, on the back of the toilet, and on the sink counter. We also recommend a cutting of eucalyptus to hang in your shower for a lovely scent and burst of mellow green. Your plants will love the humid environment, and you’ll love the magic they bring to the space.

Plush Floor Mats

Don’t believe in magic yet? You will once you step out of the shower onto a soft mat that swallows your feet in luxury. After all, your bathroom should make you feel like a princess.

Sheer Shower Curtain

Unless complete privacy is necessary, we think a sheer shower curtain looks so lovely and really adds to a magical vibe. You’ll feel like you’re parting the soft cascade of a waterfall to get into your shower, making each bath that much more special.

Your bathroom would love these magical decorations, so we hope you try at least a couple of them out! From crystals to sheer shower curtains, these decorations make every moment feel a bit more extraordinary.

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