Shark Charcuterie Board

Here is a fun shark charcuterie board – a sharkuterie board if you will – for Shark Week or any sea-themed party. Easy to make and we have some great suggestions of things to add to your board of sweet treats.

You can vary the ingredients as much as you want. Add more of some, leave some off, swap some out. It’s all up to you.

easy to make shark charcuterie board

Shark Charcuterie Board

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Prep: 10 Minutes
Serves: 4 to 6


20 shark gummies
7 fish gummies
5 sour straw strips
5 watermelon blueberry candy filled straws
8 gummy whales
4 gummy blue rings
4 gummy red rings
3 fruit slices
Approximately 20 each of red cinnamon jelly belly beans , blueberry jelly belly beans, and berry blue jelly belly beans


The basic idea behind creating one of these boards – at least what works for us – is to group the candies together in sections. Start with the largest pieces first as well as those you want to take the prominent places on the board. In this case, that means the sharks!

Place shark gummies and strips onto the board.

From there, in different places on the board, group the whales, blue and red rings, jelly beans, fruit slices, and fish in sections. I like to save some of the smaller items to use for filling in any empty spots.

Keep building your board until you are sure that all open spaces are filled. That’s it! Easy, right?

shark charcuterie board

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