Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

We had so much fun making these shaving cream Easter eggs. The first time I ever made them was at my nephew’s house with my grand niece and grand nephew. The colors and patterns are so pretty but these are super easy to make.

We made them with hard boiled eggs but if you do that, you can’t actually eat the eggs after because the shaving cream can permeate the shells and absorb into the eggs. Apparently, my nephew’s wife grew up dyeing hardboiled eggs for Easter but never eating them (the look of shock on my face when she told me that! We always had egg salad and devilled eggs with them.). Anyway, if you want to use this technique on real eggs, just substitute whipped cream (like Cool Whip) in place of the shaving cream.

Be sure to check out our tips for using this idea with younger kids at the end of the post!

shaving cream easter eggs

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs


  • Foam shaving cream (not gel) (or whipped cream)
  • Dyeable fake easter eggs (or real hardboiled eggs)
  • Egg carton
  • Food coloring – easter colors such as pink, orange, yellow, blue, and purple
  • Wax paper
  • Cupcake tin
  • Butter knife
  • Small cooking sheet
  • Paper towels


Gather all supplies needed.

Place a piece of wax paper over the cupcake tin, and set aside.

Fill a small cooking sheet with foam shaving cream. Speckle it with the food coloring of your choice. Use a butter knife to swirl the food coloring around.

Place one egg at a time into the shaving cream, and roll it around to ensure you coat the whole egg.

Carefully place each egg onto the wax paper-lined cupcake tin.

Let the shaving cream-colored eggs sit for 30 minutes, do not wipe the shaving cream off yet.

Wipe each egg off with paper towels and place back into the egg carton.


Some tips for younger kids:

We found it was easier to work with one or two colors at a time at the most. Otherwise the kids would end up mixing them together and all the eggs ended up brown. We also used a muffin tin and put a different color in each one. This made it so much easier for young busy hands to color their eggs, in our experience.

how to make shaving cream easter eggs

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