Some Stuff, Some Spices, Some AWESOME Sauce (from featured poster Mr Anderson)

Awesome Sauce by Mr Anderson, as featured on

Hey readers, your feature poster Mr Anderson here again with a super easy sauce that you can make just by grabbing things you can find in your fridge any day.  We all know ladies love a man who can cook, but beyond the BBQ, where do we actually see that happening (and no, when it is “his night to cook” and he brings home KFC or pizza that doesn’t count as he cooked).  This sauce is super easy to make, even for the amateur cook in all of us,which I myself would also be.


1/3 cup ketchup

1/3 cup mustard

1/3 cup maple syrup

1/3 cup Hickory BBQ sauce (optional)

Spices: choose 4 of whatever you like

My preferences:

Garlic powder



Italiano blend

Paprika and Applewood rub are also great choices, but as I said, choose whatever four you like.  This recipe encourages creativity and using whatever you can find.

A few things from your fridge and four spices are all it takes to make a delicious rub!  Check out the post by Mr Anderson on

The above recipe works for approximately 6 pork chops/chicken breasts.  The ketchup, mustard, and maple syrup are all equal parts, therefore if you are making 8 pork chops/chicken breasts, increase everything to 1/2 cup.  Of course, you can adjust any of the ingredients according to preferred taste.

A yummy sauce for pork chops or chicken breasts using things you already have in your kitchen!  Check out the recipe by Mr Anderson on

The sauce is great for adding to meats after cooking, but I personally add it during the cooking process as well.  First, cook one side of the chop/breast with no sauce.  Flip and add sauce to the uncooked half.  Repeat process until meat is cooked.

Pork chops are delicious with this easy sauce using ingredients you already have! Check out Mr Anderson’s recipe on

Feel free to also use this sauce as a marinade and soak the meat in the sauce before cooking.

For this meal, I served the pork chops with egg noodles (we happen to prefer No Yolks), but it works well with any pasta, rice, salad, or potato side dish.

Hope you enjoy this sauce!

– Mr Anderson

13 thoughts on “Some Stuff, Some Spices, Some AWESOME Sauce (from featured poster Mr Anderson)

  1. This sounds quite tasty, as well as versatile. Thank you for cooking instructions as well as the recipe itself.

  2. This looks good, I have all of the ingredients except the Applewood Rub. I will pick some up tonight and try it!

  3. This looks pretty good and very easy to make. I will have to keep this in mind to make for a quick and easy meal to make.

  4. I love pork chops and this sauce sounds delicious. I’ve never thought about making my own sauce. It’s always just been so easy to just grab a bottle and dump it on, but now I’m going to have to give it a try. Seeing the pictures of your sauce is what has made me want to give it a try! It looks too good not to give it a go!!! The AppleWood Rub sounds amazing too! Putting it on my grocery list this weekend! Thank you!

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