Today is National #UNICEFDay

My daughter Sam is currently student teaching in a local Grade 7 classroom.  She came home yesterday telling me that she was chatting with the students about Halloween and their plans and asked them, “So will you be carrying the orange UNICEF boxes with you too?  I sure hope so!”.  They looked at her with blank stares and told her they had no idea what she was talking about.  She was really surprised and a little bit sad knowing that the orange boxes were no more until I told her that there are still some great ways to help support UNICEF Canada and the children they help.

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Today is National #UNICEFDay and we’re helping to spread the word about purchasing survival gifts that will bring children around the world the food, health care, education, clean water, and more that they need to survive and thrive!  Neither Sam nor I have ever had to experience a day without food or a roof over our heads.  We’ve never had to struggle to find clean water to drink.  There’s never been a lack of toys to play with for either one of us as we were growing up.  We both have university educations and tomorrow night, we’re going to simply head down the street to our neighbourhood pharmacy and get our flu shots.  These are all “givens” in our lives and it’s easy to forget that what we often take for granted may be seen as luxuries for those in other countries.  We are blessed.   Now we are giving back.

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You can give back too.  All through the day today, you’ll see tweets and Facebook posts all about #UNICEFDay.  Of course, you sharing, liking, and retweeting those can help to spread the word about UNICEF Canada and the valuable work they do.  Even beyond that, though, UNICEF Canada really really needs your support in the form of donations.  Your purchases of lifesaving gifts can help provide gifts in the categories of water, shape a future, emergency, education, health, food, and play to the children who need them the most.  Gifts range in price from $10 (1 Bed Net Pack or 22 Plumpy’Nut® Packs) to $40,413 for an all-terrain vehicle needed to reach children safely in conflict zones and in remote regions.  Most of us are lucky enough to be able to spare $10 (that’s only two of those fancy high-priced coffees) – or we can band together with others at our homes, schools, places of employment to collect donations.  Every little bit helps!

Canadians can purchase Survival Gifts now at or by calling 1-888-777-0380.  We’re ordering our gifts.  Will you join us?

We also want to express our gratitude to UNICEF Canada’s amazing partners, especially Hallmark Canada.  Because of writing this post, Hallmark Canada will provide 10 vaccines for children who need them the most!  Thank you so much Hallmark Canada!

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