5 Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Sleep Through the Night

Sleep plays an essential role in all beings. For dogs, sleep is vital to promote a healthy immune system and cognitive function. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your dog is having trouble staying asleep while the family is. Fortunately, you can help your sleep-deprived dog fall into deep sleep again. First, you must figure out the underlying cause of the problem. Read about the following five reasons why your dog won’t sleep through the night.

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Sleep Through the Night

Your Dog Receives Too Little Exercise

It doesn’t matter if you have a small French bulldog or a golden retriever—all dogs need sufficient exercise throughout the day. By the time the night rolls around, they need to have expelled enough energy to feel the urge to go to sleep. Otherwise, you will see random bursts of energy or potty break requests as you’re sleeping.

Be sure to take your dog for a walk or play in the backyard whenever you can every day. Staying on top of your dog’s exercise will improve their overall health and sleep patterns.

Your Dog Has Acute Anxiety

Perhaps thunderous storms increase anxious feelings, or their crate makes them feel trapped. Maybe they hate sleeping apart from you, or they dislike disruptions to their routine.

If your dog continuously whines through the night, take them to the vet. The vet may recommend anxiety medication to put them at ease and improve their sleep. They may also suggest other ideas you can implement at home to reduce your dog’s anxiety.

Your Dog Has an Illness or Is in Pain

Many dogs are good at disguising their pain. But if you notice they aren’t sleeping at night, perhaps there is a bigger underlying issue you aren’t aware of. Dogs can have trouble sleeping if they have an illness, joint pain, or constant itch.

The next best step is to, once again, visit the veterinarian. Discuss your dog’s symptoms, and the doctor will provide medical advice that will improve their sleep and overall well-being moving forward.

The House Is Too Warm for Your Dog

Nothing feels more uncomfortable than sleeping in a hot, musty room, and your dog feels the same way. Maybe your dog’s fur is too thick, or perhaps they’re sleeping in a room with very little airflow.

Take your pooch to the groomer and ensure the room they sleep in is well ventilated. You can also try out additional tips to keep your dog cool at night so they’re comfortable and more likely to sleep through the night.

Your Dog Doesn’t Have a Comfortable Bed

Temperature isn’t the only factor that can make your dog feel uneasy through the night. They also need a suitable dog bed.

Dogs with arthritis will benefit the most from this upgrade. They will receive the necessary support to relax their joints, reduce pain, and fall fast asleep.

If any of these reasons why your dog won’t sleep through the night resonate with your dog’s behavior, take the necessary steps to help. They will be forever grateful, and you can sleep comfortably knowing your beloved friend is relaxed and healthy.

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