Earth Day Charcuterie Board

This Earth Day Charcuterie Board is simply adorable and so much fun! We’ve offered suggestions for treats to include on it and make a board that is perfect for the day, but you can certainly substitute others as you wish.

And okay yes, we are using the term charcuterie board loosely here. Technically, it means a board with meats on it but people have started using the term to describe any form of snack or dessert board. Use this for Earth Day or anytime for a fun treat the kids are going to love.

Earth Day Charcuterie Board

Prep: 10 Minutes
Serves: 4 to 6

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6 Oreo cookies
5 gummy frogs
9 green gummy frogs
7 gummy turtles
5 gummy flowers
2 gummy alligators
10 gummy fish (the ones pictured are from Target, the Smart Sweets brand but this is an alternate link in case you can’t find them or just want to shop on Amazon)


Place the Oreos in threes in different locations on the board.

Group together the frogs, turtles, and flowers. Place them on the board in between the Oreos.

Add in alligators and line the board with the fish to fill in blank spots.

Easy peasy!

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