Ways Your Family Can Help the Planet

Earth Day is an opportunity for us all to celebrate our planet and learn how to protect and preserve it. If you have kids at home, you can teach them about conservation and nature and show them how they can help save the planet this earth day. Here are some great ways your family can help the planet this Earth Day.

Ways Your Family Can Help the Planet

Ways Your Family Can Help the Planet

Turn off the lights.

Seriously, put one of your kids in charge of making sure unnecessary lights are turned off. They generally take this role really seriously! Reducing your carbon footprint starts by being more aware of how your electric usage affects the planet.

Volunteer at a community garden.

Community gardens not only help the planet but can help others in need of fresh, local food. Offer to help tend the garden, collect the harvestable goods, and help share them with the community.

Attend a local Earth Day event

Look on Facebook and in your local community for Earth Day events. There are some really educational and fun ones available. Here in London Ontario, we have EarthFest. Music, food, vendors, and kids’ activities all to help you learn more about how to protect the earth and celebrate it too!

Host a community yard sale

Gather up neighbors and host a community-wide yard sale. Get rid of things you don’t need and find new treasures without going to the store.

Go for a family hike

Head out with your family and express gratitude for the planet. Remind yourself of all the beautiful things you have to be grateful for.

Go car-free for the day

Try your best to go one day without using your car. It might feel weird, but even cutting back one day can make a huge difference in air pollution. Can you make this a thing you do at least one day a month? One day a week?

Take your bike out

Head out for a family bike ride and opt to ride a bike instead of driving everywhere if you can.

Take shorter showers

Less water waste is better for the environment. Challenge your family to take shorter showers or even forego the shower for a day.

Organize a neighborhood cleanup

Get your neighbors together and clean up the neighborhood.

Recycle at home

Set up recycling bins and encourage your family to use them. If you are already doing this, can you expand it to include more items?

Make the swap to reusable water bottles

If you haven’t made the swap, now is a great time! You can even get some crafty supplies and let the kids personalize theirs. Or make “koozies” for them that they can personalize.

Shop at the farmer’s market

Support local farmers and buy more sustainably at the farmer’s market. This is another great one to turn into a habit. How about a weekly trip to the farmer’s market?

Set up a rainwater collection system

Set up a place to collect rainwater with these DIY ideas.

Eat your leftovers

Don’t let any food go to waste in your home! Here are some great tips for avoiding food waste.

Start a compost bin

Use your compost bin for scraps or leftovers as a way to fertilize your own garden or a neighbor’s.

Host a toy or book swap

Get together with another family or a group of families and swap items!

Plan a meal at home together

Eating at home is better for the planet and a great way to save some money too.

Plant pollinator-friendly plants

These will help save not only the bees but the planet as well! You can find some ideas for pollinator-friendly plants here.

Hopefully, this list will serve as a helpful guide to help your family find new ways to enjoy nature and take a few small steps to protect it too.

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