Construction Chickpeas

These construction chickpeas are really easy to make and perfect for sensory play. Let the kids dig around in it with their hands or add in some of their fun sand and construction toys for them to use.

We used typical construction-themed colors for this, but you can certainly switch things up for other themes, holidays, or seasons. Make a variety of colors for your kids who are still working on learning them!

Construction Chickpeas for Sensory Play

Construction Chickpeas for Sensory Play


2 x 16 oz dried chickpeas

Acrylic paint – orange, yellow, brown, and white

4 sandwich-size Ziploc bags

1 cup measuring cup

Wax paper

Baking sheet


1. Gather all the supplies needed.

2. Place a piece of wax paper on the cooking sheet and set aside.

3. Separate the chickpeas evenly into the Ziploc bags (approx. 1 ¼ C per bag)

4. One bag at a time add a squirt of paint. Seal the bag, roll, and shake the dried beans to get them coated with paint. Continue until all 4 baggies of dried chickpeas are painted.

5. Carefully pour each bag of painted chickpeas out into a single layer. Allow the painted dried chickpeas to air dry (about 3-4 hours)

6. Enjoy!

7. Store in a large resealable Ziploc baggie.

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