Natural Products To Freshen Up Your Space

Are store-bought air fresheners just not cutting it for your space anymore? Whether you want to move away from synthetic products because of their waste, chemicals, or unnatural scents, you have plenty of alternatives to choose from. Check out our favorite natural products to freshen up your space!

Natural Products To Freshen Up Your Space


Potpourri is a fragrance product that doubles as decoration—count us in! It contains any complementary mixture of dried petals, spices, and essential oils. You can display it in a decorative bowl on your coffee table or tuck it away in sachets in your drawers. Potpourri holds its lovely scent for a long time, making it super easy to set and forget about.

Natural Wax Candles or Melts

Who doesn’t love lighting a candle? Great for improving scents and ambience, candles or melts made from soy or beeswax fill your space with cozy aromas without emitting harmful substances into your air. We’re sure you’ll love the gentle crackle of a beeswax candle or the smooth pooling of a soy wax melt in your home.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers are simple machines you can find in natural materials that release customized, safe scents into your home’s air. By simply adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils, you can experience the benefits of a fresher space, aromatherapy, and more humidity. Whether you’re seeking relaxation with lavender or an energy boost from citrus, an essential oil diffuser will be your best friend.

Reed Diffuser

Similar to an essential oil diffuser but much simpler and more natural in design, a reed diffuser is another fantastic and effortless way to keep your living area fragranced. Thin and porous reed sticks sit in a container and absorb a liquid mixed with essential oils, releasing those oils into the air as the liquid evaporates off the reeds. If you choose the right reed diffuser for your home, you’ll have a subtle and hassle-free way to keep it fresh. Plus, unlike an electronic diffuser, reed diffusers don’t need electricity to work, keeping your home smelling lovely 24/7.

These natural products will freshen up your space without harmful ingredients or unsightly packaging. See which one works best for your space!

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