Easy Jack O Lantern Cheeseburger

We love Halloween around our house and one of our favorite things is serving Halloween themed meals. These can get really intricate at times, but they don’t have to. This Easy Jack O Lantern Cheeseburger takes only seconds more to make than a traditional cheeseburger but it adds so much fun to your Halloween meal.

This makes a perfect meal to have before heading out for trick-or-treating. It’s quick, easy, and filling. Lots of options for serving dishes but to keep it easy, we like to serve with fries and coleslaw.

Easy Jack O Lantern Cheeseburger

Jack O Lantern Cheeseburger

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is an idea. If you’re looking for more fun Halloween food ideas, check this out.


  • Hamburger Patties
  • Hamburger Rolls
  • Orange Cheese Slices


Prepare your hamburger patties as usual. For a really quick way to add some flavor, my mom used to mix in some onion soup mix. Montreal steak spice is another good option. Or we like them seasoned with salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning too as another variation. Whatever your preference is works just fine here.

Pro tip: Really want to save some time on Halloween? Buy premade burgers or make ahead and freeze some.

Cut a Jack O Lantern face into the cheese slices.

Place the cheese on the patty and melt on low heat.

Serve & enjoy.

hamburgers made to look like monsters with toothpicks and olives as eyes in the bun and a pickle slice tongue hanging out
Halloween monster hamburgers, scene against a black background

Here’s another fun way to dress up burgers for Halloween. Turn them into monsters with pickle and/or olive eyes added to the buns and a pickle slice tongue hanging out.

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