Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is such a fun time for kids but unfortunately, it can also be a dangerous night for kids. It’s dark out and everyone is excited, so perhaps not being as cautious as usual. Putting these simple Halloween safety tips in place can be an excellent way to keep your kids safe on the big night.

We want Halloween to be a night of fun and building memories. Ensuring you take the precautions needed to stay safe that night can make sure that it will be.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Don’t Go Out Alone

Start by having a discussion with your kids before Halloween night and setting up some guidelines and expectations. Younger children, of course, should be accompanied by an adult but if older children and teens are headed out alone, they need a few rules.

First of all, they should never go out alone. Buddy up with some friends! Their route should be discussed with you ahead of time. They need to be reminded to stick to that route and to remember basic street safety such as staying on sidewalks, not cutting through yards and alleys, crossing the street only at designated crosswalks, and remaining in well-lit areas.

Emphasize that they are never to enter anyone’s houses or cars! Kids should be given a curfew and it might be an idea for that night to provide them with a cell phone that they can use in order to keep in touch with you.

Review Traffic Safety

Even if you’re going with the kids, it’s a good idea to review traffic safety rules. Kids get excited and sometimes they forget about those rules.

Pedestrian accidents tend to go up drastically on Halloween with all the increased traffic (both cars and pedestrians). It’s a good idea to have a talk about traffic safety right before going out and if needed, periodically while trick-or-treating.

Make Sure You Can See (and be seen) Well

It’s dark out on Halloween night….often darker than usual because to add to the spooky atmosphere, many homeowners are turning out their lights and the only light that remains is the glow of the Jack O’lanterns. Add to that dark coloured costumes and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Make sure to add some reflective tape to your kids’ costumes and trick or treat bags (or buy the light up containers). You can also buy glow sticks at the local party store and let the children wear those as bracelets and necklaces.

Watch Out for Costume Hazards

Not only do you want your kids to be seen, but you want to ensure that they can see well. Masks are generally a bad idea. If your child is going to be wearing one, check it out thoroughly. Enlarge the eye holes if needed for clear vision.

Face paint is usually a safer idea and often more comfortable for kids to wear. However, think about possible allergic reactions. You might want to do a small patch test ahead of time.

Watch out for tripping hazards. Make sure that your child’s costume is an appropriate length. And be sure to think about the weather. We’ve had snow on Halloween before! Costumes that allow for warm clothing to be worn underneath are ideal.

Make Sure Those Goodies are Safe to Eat

Remind your kids not to eat anything they receive in their trick or treat bags until you can check them carefully at home.

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